Personalized Kitchens from Logoscoop

Personalized Kitchens from Logoscoop

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There are so many companies now that specialise in kitchen design. The difference with Logoscoop lies in the fact that they dont restrict themselves with what is popular rather they respond to each design brief individually and try to reflect the end users personality in the design. They pay attention to the lifestyle and habits of the each client, allowing for a higher level of detail.The kitchens in themselves are functional and modern. Each one is an unusual one-of-a-kind creation. Logosscoop original approach to the design of the kitchens allows the end result to be distinctive while still being serviceable. Splashes of colour, creative storage solutions and how the kitchen flows from the rest of the house are integral elements which have been carefully considered by the designers resulting in some very interesting solutions as is apparent from these examples.

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