An Interior Design Project for A Family Entertainment Center

An Interior Design Project for A Family Entertainment Center

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Sometimes interior design concepts can be inspired by the most outlandish objects, images, smells and tastes. And every once in a blue, HD finds a professional in the industry who personifies this extraordinary creative process. Maria Yasko of Moscow, Russia took on an interior design project for a family entertainment Center that was motivated by the collection of Moomin books, by Tove Jansson, a Finnish novelist. So she took the illustrations from these books and brought them to life in a few fantastic spaces. Talk about fantasy living, check these spaces out!

The creative process of interpreting a concept in 3D. How neat!

It is a bonus for a cafeteria hall to be stimulating and inviting for guests. We were blown away by the umbrella wall. This is exactly the kind of place that would make any child eat his veggies!

This children’s play hall looks like the stage scene of a winter wonderland fairytale.

The recreation area is full of energy and those abstract doorways add a wonderful touch of adventure!

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