Beautiful Contemporary Bathrooms from Neutra

Beautiful Contemporary Bathrooms from Neutra

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These bathroom designs by Neutra are pretty inspiring as they give us a stylish perspective on the fusion of traditional and modern materials. This take on modern bath design seems too good to be true with scenic views that any sceptic would confuse for wallpaper! If only all bathrooms were this massive…

The rich textures enveloping this bath lend an exotic experience to a modern space.

Wood elements always infuse a feeling of warmth and intimacy.

Primary shapes play into different forms here while the lounge chair gives the space an organic touch.

The repeating sinks balance the weight of the stone bathtub on the opposite side of the room. All the elements including the tinted glass divider are a warm neutral shade, reflecting a harmonious bathroom.

This large mirror plays the perfect balancing act between the natural stone wall and the over-sized chandelier.

This strikingly beautiful bathtub is all that is needed to really enjoy this window wall and its extraordinary views.

A floating double sink provides a lovely organic contrast against these cool stone tiled walls.

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