14 Innovative Electrical Accessories That Will Turn Heads

14 Innovative Electrical Accessories That Will Turn Heads

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Do you buy electrical accessories and after a while wonder what to do with them? Whether you are a gadget junkie or in a house full of them, you must have scratched your head looking at all those wires lying around or hanging from awkward places. Here are some nifty electrical accessories which could help you keep the wire mess in check and also surprise a few friends.

Meysam Movahedi

An interesting idea for people fed up with extension chords. This one here is pretty simple to use. Pinch the sides to open it, give it a gentle tug and it springs back to its original position.

Atleast there are people like Burakov Denis who believe in drilling messages right into people’s head. The infamous ‘ON’ switch is indeed a very thoughtful idea for most of us who forget to turn the lights off.

Without going through any socket installation complexities you can simply go in for this Switch Socket. As the name suggests it is a sleek multi purpose socket which follows push up-down mechanism.


Swivel socket will probably solve the fiddling-with-the-wires solution. Because it rotates 180 degrees, it becomes easy to attach a variety of plugs and because it allows you to select the icon showing what you have attached, this actually qualifies as a very handy thing.

Chen Ju Wei

This sticky tape idea makes the extension chord look nothing like it at all. The artist has made use of circuit printing technology and electropaste material with which the chords stick to the floor.

And here’s something which takes care your charging chords don’t dangle. A cell phone cradle which takes good care of your cell phone while they cozily snooze away.

Like the name of the switch, it actually asks the plugs to hang on until they are in use again. The design is pretty simple and like the caption goes “You can save energy in safe and convenient ways”.

This one is a great multiplier as well as space saver. When not in use just push the rest of the body back into the wall. Simple and effective.

Attach and detach at will. Attach as many tabs as you like, plug in as much as you want. Keep a check with pictograms and LED backlights.

Jan Koenig

This device acts as a kind of centralized communications system that attempts to simplify connections for telephone, internet, wireless and digital storage by splitting these into modules over a single well designed sleek device.

Artemy Lebedev

For several plugs, Rozetkus 3d power sockets is a good idea. It sits inside the wall and comes out only when needed.

Horned switches serving as hands. Fit in your cell phones between the horns. Adds a bit of novelty to your walls.

This rotating outlet seems to have sockets for every kind of plug. So whether you travel to USA, Europe or Asia, this one fits in anywhere. Just rotate and plug in.

This one is a wild idea by some designer who wanted to solve switch problems for once and for all. He made an entire wall full of sockets! But forgot to tell us which one’s are for real.

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