Great tree houses by Baumraum

Great tree houses by Baumraum

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Baumraum is specialised in the planning and realisation of treehouses and other constructions in natural surroundings.

Baumraum’s philosophy:

We transform your individual ideas and wishes into ingenious and inspiring dwellings that combine versatility with craftsmanship of the highest quality and maximum safety standards. A major objective thereby is to handle the trees and their surroundings with the utmost care, ensuring their protection and preservation.
Baumraum combines the creative and constructive expertise of an architect with the long-standing experience of a landscape architect, a tree expert, and established, reputable craftsmen.

The magic of tree houses is that they help you stay away from the hassles and tensions of city life. Images of Baumraum’s treehouses follow:

If you are looking to build a tree house, you can seek the help of Baumraum

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