Future Homes Microsoft Concept

Future Homes Microsoft Concept

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We have always been curious about the future. This perpetual curiousity about seeing tomorrow’s world has driven people and companies to develop montages that depict how they visualize the future. Microsoft is one such company that has boldly come forward with their vision. Take a look at this video where they show you a contemporary connected home which utilizes most of the technological advancements that we have today. This video is not far fetched at all and in fact built on what we already have. (If you are reading this through e-mail, please visit 2009/03/tomorrows-homes to view the videos)

Not your taste of the future? Try THIS,then.Video: Future Vision Montage

Microsoft didn’t stop there. Quite recently they have released a number of videos where they vision the future for different sectors – Healthcare, Banking, Retailing, Manufacturing. Take a look at them here:


Video: Healthcare Future Vision




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Watch the video: Future Homes (July 2022).


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